A travel app just for women. Venture solo!

Instead of  just connecting you with a stranger’s couch, Bungee Girl introduces you to other like-minded, travel-loving women who are in the same position as you; but in reverse. You each live where the other wants to go!  DOWNLOAD NOW! 

We bring together girls who wander 

Why should you settle for cliche trips? Why should you wait on family and friends to have the money or time to travel with you? Why should you be held back from taking life-changing epic adventures? Bungee Girl is determined to make travel for women safer and more accessible!

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Whether you’ve always preferred to travel solo or are thinking about trying it for the first time, our app can help enhance your trip experience. Embrace new people and places. Join a supportive and empowering network of women nomads



Maxine Outerbridge

Founder and CEO

Maxine is a passionate working mom, CPA, Hillary Clinton surrogate and survivor of domestic violence. After her first solo trip abroad, Maxine became committed to empowering women and making solo travel more comfortable and realistic for women. 

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